Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A long plane ride

Mom's updating my blog from my trip. On Tues we got up early in the morning and I didn't get to have breakfast. That made me sad. We went to this place called airport. I had my bag with my food in it. That made me happy.
We went in this long tunnel and on to this funny looking thing called a plane. I was a wonderful girl and slept on my blanket most of the ride. I wasn't even scared when the plane rumbled & vibrated as we went into the air. I got ice cookies & a few treats along the way. Everyone paid a lot of attention to me and said I was very beautiful. I was just bored. big yawnWhen we got off this plane thing my friend Takara and Deb were waiting for me on the other side. We were happy to finally meet and play. I checked into my hotel room and then we went for a walk in the sunshine. We both had very good manners but then we heard & smelled something awful!
We both got very scared. Those things were called sea lions. I don't like them & don't want to meet them. I did want to meet all the pigeons walking around but Mom said no- leave it.


Madison and Andros said...

Yay! A CCI pup!!!

Cooley said...

Glad you are home Aussie girl...

Please have your mom give you some extra snuggles for my mom especially if we don't get to see you.... My mom is still awful sad.