Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stroke Camp

Whew! I'm tired. Friday we went to this place on Lake Huron. It was a trip for people that survived a stroke and their families. Mommy takes care of people who have had a stroke--so she was allowed to come. There was lots of wilderness and good animal smells. There were over 100 people there and I got a little over stimulated on occasion. I know when my vest in on I have to behave. There were so many nice people that just wanted to snuggle & kiss them. I had a little trouble staying focused. The people thought I was just perfect but Mom knows what I'm capable of. She's so strict. I wanted to chase the kittens and there was a remote control truck that scared me and I barked. I guess that is not acceptable. Then I had quiet time in my crate in the cabin. That was nice.We had normal camp things like sing-a-longs, smores, arts & crafts,
hay ride and a beach party.
My friend Cisco and my brother Karson came to camp for the day. We had to tell the people about PAWS and how they could benefit from a service dog. Then we got to walk by the water and chase the waves. Karson & I don't really care to get too deep in the water. Cisco on the other hand, was on a long leash and he swam and got the stick. Good for him. I didn't want to go that far. I like my baby pool at home.
I found another John Deere to ride.

Friday, July 25, 2008

On the road again

Mommy's packing the car again. This time we're going to a place called Camp. I was trying to help and carried Snickers food bowl around so we didn't forget it.
He is not allowed to go so I had to put it back were I found it. Next time I'll share the pictures from my trip.
I'm also getting ready to go to college. I got my admission papers in the mail. We're filling them out so College will know what I've already learned. It just seems like I came to live here and it's almost time to move again. I hope when I get a little older I'll be able to find my forever family & a job like Owen & Tank.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zoo Time

My buddy Cooley likes the zoo. As soon as I was 1 year old I had to check it out. He's right- it is very fun. I saw & smelled lots of strange animals. Of course I was most interested in the birds flying around. I am a bird dog you know! Mommy said those were not toys to play with and I had to leave it. NO FUN!
It was a hot day so I had lots of ice cookies. The best. We went into the ground into this long tube to see polar bears. Looked like they were having fun in the pool. I wish I could have splashed around a little in the heat of the day.
Then we went to the Outback. Everyone said I don't look like an Aussie. Don't they know what an Aussie looks like?
The kangaroos didn't want to play so I settled for a stuffed one. I would have liked to take that fine lookin' sheila home with me. we could snuggle.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Birthday Girl

Today I'm a big girl. 1 year old! We had a party at Grandma & Grandpa's house. We had special cookies and I got some nice presents. Of course I shared my toys but I made sure they came home with me.
Here's a few pictures of my party guests in our hats

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Swimming in Lake Michigan

Today I went to this place called Pointe Betsie. There was this warm stuff called sand that my feet slid in. What I really loved was this big pool that had waves and lots of rocks to chase. Everytime I tried to pick up the rock the water would pull it away. I tried to dig a hole but it kept filling back up. So I dug faster. I was covered in sand. It was fun!

I liked to chase the waves but I'm not quite sure about this swimming thing. Maybe next time I'll be brave.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cherry Festival Time

Today we went to a big party outside and there were lots of people. There were all these good smelling things called cherries. They put those things in pies and jelly & salsa too. Mom sampled most of them. I got yelled at for trying my own sample from the ground.
We saw these people called the Blue Angels. They flew through the air. They were very loud but I wasn't bothered. They flew very close to the ground too. I didn't seem to care about that either. You can see the planes behind me if you look close