Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stroke Camp

Whew! I'm tired. Friday we went to this place on Lake Huron. It was a trip for people that survived a stroke and their families. Mommy takes care of people who have had a stroke--so she was allowed to come. There was lots of wilderness and good animal smells. There were over 100 people there and I got a little over stimulated on occasion. I know when my vest in on I have to behave. There were so many nice people that just wanted to snuggle & kiss them. I had a little trouble staying focused. The people thought I was just perfect but Mom knows what I'm capable of. She's so strict. I wanted to chase the kittens and there was a remote control truck that scared me and I barked. I guess that is not acceptable. Then I had quiet time in my crate in the cabin. That was nice.We had normal camp things like sing-a-longs, smores, arts & crafts,
hay ride and a beach party.
My friend Cisco and my brother Karson came to camp for the day. We had to tell the people about PAWS and how they could benefit from a service dog. Then we got to walk by the water and chase the waves. Karson & I don't really care to get too deep in the water. Cisco on the other hand, was on a long leash and he swam and got the stick. Good for him. I didn't want to go that far. I like my baby pool at home.
I found another John Deere to ride.

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