Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a weekend!

Whew! Mom's trying to wear me out. And she's doing a good job. Saturday we went with my PAWS friends to Leader Dog camp. Cisco, Blossom, Laser, Cooley & my baby bro Karson were there. I met new friends too. They will be helper dogs when they grow up, but a different kind. We played games like tic-tac-toe and got to go swimming in a lake.
I came out of the water all brown & green and Mom says I smelled like swamp. Then I had to take a bath. Not my favorite thing.
We got home Sunday and washed some clothes. Then I went to another place for a party. They had horses, kittens and a donkey. People went on a thing called a hayride. I wanted to drive the tractor but I'm still too young. Mom made me pose with orange things and some flowers. I didn't want to pose. I wanted to play with a chocolate boy named Diesel. I dosing off under the desk now so I'll say goodbye for now. I'm going on a plane ride to San Francisco on Tues morning so see ya in a week.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dietary Indiscretion

I aspire to be a service dog like my big brother Tank. Unfortunately sometimes I copy the wrong behaviors too.
Yesterday I decided I was hungry. When Mom wasn't looking I went to the basement, past the baby gate and got up on a chair. I've discovered heaven, a big bag of Lamb & Rice. Mom goes in this bag but I'm not allowed to even go near it. That doesn't seem fair. So I helped myself to a little snack. Well it must of been good because I just kept on eating.
Then I returned to the main floor of the house but Mom knew something was up. My usual girly hourglass figure had changed. Now I look like I've got a belly full of puppies. My belly was pretty hard. I didn't feel so well then. I was pacing and a little whiny. And I was very thirsty.
Mom knew the symptoms right away. Tank did the same thing right before it was time for him to go to college. Off to the emergency vet we went (you know it's Sunday)
They were very nice to me but I got some medicine and then I felt a little queasy. All the sudden all that great food came up onto the floor. they wouldn't let me give it a 2nd taste.
My little waist was back and I was free to go home. I lost 10 pounds in less than an hour.
The first thing I did upon returning home is to go to the basement & check out if that snack bar was still open. No luck. Locked up like a bank vault. Mom learned something too.
Don't trust 14 month old puppies. we look grown up but we are not!

all that bumpy stuff is my food filling my belly.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting ready for new adventures

Snickers went over the rainbow bridge on Monday. We've had some sad times recently but we're getting ready for some fun before I give college another try.

Next weekend I'm going to camp with my Leader Dog & PAWS friends. Then big excitement-- I'm going on a plane ride to San Francisco. I get to meet Deb & Takara. Mom has to go to business meetings and I get to tag along. Grandma & Owen are going to meet us there. Maybe he can show me the ropes to being a grown up service dog. My Aunt Judy from Texas is coming too. I wonder if she has seen Tank. He lives in Texas.
This will be the test to see if it's time to return to school with my siblings. I know I'm ready this time!
Owen is a veteran traveler.
Hope he gives me some tips!
Mom won't have time to be sad either. My new baby sister is coming home when I go to school. Her name is Tresa. She is a golden retriever. Her Mom is Tootsie and Dad is Brach. That means her uncle is Bubba. There are lots of Bubba & Brach babies already at PAWS. They are very smart.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My brother Snickers

Snickers is very sick and Mom says he has to go over the rainbow bridge real soon. He has a thing called lung cancer and doesn't feel well. He just doesn't feel like eating or playing anymore. That makes the whole family very sad. He got to have a happy meal the other day. I sniffed his french fry breath. Mom wouldn't let him share with me, it was his special snack.

Maybe that's why I came home from college for a little longer. Mom needed me until my little sister comes along real soon. Here's a few pictures of us together. Snickers has endured 14 years of Mom dressing him up and taking pictures. He's had a happy full life. Smooches to you big brother!

Monday, September 8, 2008

On vacation

I'm off to my friend Disney's house for the week. I've got to practice being away from home so I get used to college life. She has a big sister named Jasmin. I also get to work with Disney's daddy in class. He might even take me to the fire station to meet his friends. Maybe I can pick out a boyfriend for my mom.
We also heard a pretty golden girl named Tootsie had puppies. Maybe one of those pups will will come to my house when I go to school again. Mom said Disco's puppy could go to a different Mommy so I could stay home a little longer.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Smooch the Pooch

Here we all are getting ready for our smooches. We made LOTS of money and best of all we got many pets, kisses and cookies for all our hard work. Our Mom's dressed us up funny but it really drew a crowd.

Me & my BFF Miro


Rumor (the smoochy-ist of the bunch)

Friday, September 5, 2008

my baby crate revisited

Mom got my baby crate out so my 1/2 sister Rumor can ride in the car with us. I think I could still fit in it if I try. Mom was laughing so hard she could hardly hold the camera.
Maybe I'm a little bigger than I thought.
Mom says I'm still her baby.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Missing my brother

I'm having a lot of fun back at home. Mom took me to the State Fair. I got to see many baby animals right after they were born. Mom forgot her digital camera so no photo's for now. I even got to see another dog get spayed. I was really interested and watched the whole thing. This weekend I'm working at the PAWS booth with Rumor & Halo at the Rochester Art & Apples festival. Mom won't forget her camera again. Stay tuned for Smooch the Pooch!
I'm missing Austin. I'm not the only one that makes the papers. Austin & his family were in the paper. He is one handsome dude! Here's the link: