Monday, September 22, 2008

Dietary Indiscretion

I aspire to be a service dog like my big brother Tank. Unfortunately sometimes I copy the wrong behaviors too.
Yesterday I decided I was hungry. When Mom wasn't looking I went to the basement, past the baby gate and got up on a chair. I've discovered heaven, a big bag of Lamb & Rice. Mom goes in this bag but I'm not allowed to even go near it. That doesn't seem fair. So I helped myself to a little snack. Well it must of been good because I just kept on eating.
Then I returned to the main floor of the house but Mom knew something was up. My usual girly hourglass figure had changed. Now I look like I've got a belly full of puppies. My belly was pretty hard. I didn't feel so well then. I was pacing and a little whiny. And I was very thirsty.
Mom knew the symptoms right away. Tank did the same thing right before it was time for him to go to college. Off to the emergency vet we went (you know it's Sunday)
They were very nice to me but I got some medicine and then I felt a little queasy. All the sudden all that great food came up onto the floor. they wouldn't let me give it a 2nd taste.
My little waist was back and I was free to go home. I lost 10 pounds in less than an hour.
The first thing I did upon returning home is to go to the basement & check out if that snack bar was still open. No luck. Locked up like a bank vault. Mom learned something too.
Don't trust 14 month old puppies. we look grown up but we are not!

all that bumpy stuff is my food filling my belly.


Leah said...

Yup. Demi learned to get into her food right before she was sent off to HQ too. We kept in in a tub, and she learned how to open it with her nose... And, since labs are "always" hungry... She never ate so much that we had to go to the vet though...

Cooley said...

Aussie girl... Oh my.

Your poor mom. Dear me.

Lightning said...

Poor Andrea! Cheetah discovered how to get into her food just before she left for college, but I happened to catch her in the act before it got too bad. I am glad Miss Aussie is OK now!

Sarah and Shadow said...

Well at least ur better now! I know the feeling, sometimes there's something that just seems irrasistable, until you've eated it . . .


Rusty and Bandit said...

Great that you're feeling better! I know, some things are just SO irresistable! Like my brother's cat food... Never mind! Mind if I link you to my blog?

Anna Marie and Rusty

CaperPaws05 said...

Oh my! Aussie! You labs are always hungry arent you? If we let him, Caper would eat every bit of food in the bin and that got dropped. You gotta stick to when your mom feeds ya lil girl!