Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting ready for new adventures

Snickers went over the rainbow bridge on Monday. We've had some sad times recently but we're getting ready for some fun before I give college another try.

Next weekend I'm going to camp with my Leader Dog & PAWS friends. Then big excitement-- I'm going on a plane ride to San Francisco. I get to meet Deb & Takara. Mom has to go to business meetings and I get to tag along. Grandma & Owen are going to meet us there. Maybe he can show me the ropes to being a grown up service dog. My Aunt Judy from Texas is coming too. I wonder if she has seen Tank. He lives in Texas.
This will be the test to see if it's time to return to school with my siblings. I know I'm ready this time!
Owen is a veteran traveler.
Hope he gives me some tips!
Mom won't have time to be sad either. My new baby sister is coming home when I go to school. Her name is Tresa. She is a golden retriever. Her Mom is Tootsie and Dad is Brach. That means her uncle is Bubba. There are lots of Bubba & Brach babies already at PAWS. They are very smart.


Larkin and Kimberley said...

Hello there Aussie & Company!!

How exciting to read about you and your adventures on the way to being some lucky ones Service Dog!

You are a georgeous girl & I'll be keeping my eye on you to see what you're up to...

We are having some big adventures too, but my owner has to figure this bloggin' thing out first! Can I link to you too? This is such fun!!

C ya again, Larkin & Kimberley

Sarah and Shadow said...

Cool! Another friend from Paw's With a Cause!!! You and Snickers are both great looking dogs!!! Great blog!

Sarah and Shadow

Rusty and Bandit said...

Wow, great blog! Can I link you to mine?

Laura said...

Andrea, I'm a few days behind, but I am very sorry to hear about Snickers. He had a great life and he's in good compnay at the rainbow bridge.

Have fun on all your adventires, Aussie!

Laura and Wilma