Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Blues

A lot has gone on this month. I had to have surgery one last time. My belly is damaged from all the stuff I ate. I now have to wear a plastic cage when I go outside. It is to remind me to not eat grass and sticks that would hurt me. I can't sample the poop either. That makes me sad. I love a little recycled kibble in the morning.
Mommy and I are having lots of cuddle time until the new baby comes around April. We're not sure what we will get. It will be a furry surprise.

I got to spend the week with Bree when the family went on a trip on a big boat to Mexico.

She sure smelled like many dogs when she came home

For now I'll just relax & heal
Mac moved to another house so he can stop getting into mischief too. Mom calls it boot camp. We heard he already tried to eat some gloves there. Bad Boy. He met some new friends in the Lansing area.

Keep watching for more updates on my adventures.