Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back at home

I got to ride on that plane again. It was just as much fun the 2nd time. Mommy tried to get me to break before we went in the airport, but I wasn't in the mood to pee in public. She told me "You'll have to hold it a long time!"
There were more nice people on the plane. A nice lady next to me let me rest my chin on her legs. I left some white hair on her black pants to remember me by. She said she was going to steal me and take me home with her. I tried to use my puppy dog eyes to get part of her sandwich. No luck!
We brought some official sourdough bread home from our trip. I wasn't allowed to taste it but it smelled wonderful!I met a nice man at the airport. He is the new grandpa for my friend Lira. She is a hearing dog and recently went home with her forever family. He said she is doing very well.

I'm glad to be back in my own home & yard. It's not the same pooping on cement in a big city, I like my grass at home.

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