Friday, October 3, 2008

Meetings are boring

Mom has to get to work now. She has to go to meetings during the day. I lay under the chair & be quiet like I've been taught to do. It's not hard to do. I'm kind of tired after all that sight seeing.
I did meet 2 new friends. Emma works for a nice man in a wheelchair. He thought I was beautiful and am doing a good job learning manners. We both got to play between sessions. you've got to stretch your legs a little.Then I met Gator. He's a working boy too. His mom uses a power chair. I hope I grow up to have a job one day.I'm the hit of the conference and many people stop mom to ask about me and about PAWS. I'm doing a great job letting everyone know about working dogs.
I got to ride in a trolley at night. It's kind of like a bus but bumpy and the windows are open to let the warm air in. We went back to Pier 39 where those sea lions were. We did a little shopping and had a snack. I'm still a little nervous when I smell & hear those animals.

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