Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to work

I'm back at home and my training is continuing. Mom got the report that I was shy and a little cautious at college. I was a little nervous of the nice man. Anyone that knows me knows that's not me at all. Maybe I wasn't quite ready for school. I've got lots of plans & good places to socialize until I meet my siblings at school again. I'm going to have more sleep overs away from home so I can get used to that too.I'm just glad to be back with my older brother Snickers. He acts like I'm a pest, but Mom saw him snuggling with me after I can home. I love to smooch him. He doesn't like all those kisses.

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Pally said...

Hey Aussie, if you need a weekend getaway maybe your mommy would let you come up here! We could find lots of new and exciting stuff to do... how about a football game! :P Let me know :) Lots of Love <3<3 Sara