Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The time has come

Mom got THE CALL today. I'm officially accepted to college. Julie wanted to take Austin and I up to HQ tomorrow night. That's not going to work out for either of us. I think early next week is the plan. I have to say goodbye & thank you to all my friends before I go. We're excited for a new adventure. Our parents are still getting used to the idea.This is my Big Bro Austin. All grown up.Mom is hoping to get a new baby at the end of September. I wouldn't want her & Snickers to be lonely without me. Disco & Wheatley just had pups so maybe one of their pups will come to my house. We have to wait to see who else is on the list ahead of us.
. Disco & Wheatley


Cooley said...

Aussie girl.... if Cooley and I don't see you.... best of luck to you at college... you will do great. Your mom gave you a wonderful start and soon you will be helping your new "mom" or "dad" just like big brother Tankers.

Elizabeth said...

We'll miss you Aussie. Good luck in college and make Mom and big brother Tank proud!

UKON said...

Hope to see you before you leave Miss Aussie.
You helped out Janey a lot this year and she loves you a lot.

Lightning said...

I know your mama is going to miss you Aussie girl. Do your best and make her proud! We'll miss you in classes and on outings.