Thursday, January 15, 2009

My siblings are great!

Austin has progressed to his final phase (IV) at Leader Dog. It lasts 3 -4 weeks. This is the intense part for him. He could be assigned to someone and start the 4-week class by the end of February.

Andre & Aries are still at University of PAWS. Here are their updates:

Andre is staring to learn base behaviors that will transfer to specific tasks. He is a very eager dog and I enjoy working with him. I hope to have him matched with a client soon!
Aries is learning her tasks at a good rate. Her new favorite task is pushing the elevator buttons and push plates for automatic doors. She is also learning to turn light switches on and off.
I'm still doing my therapy dog work but love to show off my service dog tasks that Owen taught me. Everyone is very impressed with my skills. I love to do push plates and switches. It must run in the family. My favorite is take off mom's socks. I still have to be careful not to nip her toes in the process. I get so excited sometimes I forget to be gentle.
Also being an assistant puppy raiser is a full time job. I've got to keep Tresa in line! She's going to visit the Gray's and my 1/2 bro Kingsley is coming here for a visit. Mom will love her labby laker weekend. Well, back to my nap


Lightning said...

Your other half brother, Karson is coming to my house this week and I am off to Bay City!

Aussie said...

It must be a trade a golden for a lab week here in town. give Karson a smooch from me