Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kingsley came to play

My brother came to stay for the weekend. And I got rid of Tresa- a bonus. We played all day long. We are just the same size and look a lot alike. He was a bit of a puppy pest. Mom said I was getting a little of my own medicine. I like to wrestle with him. He doesn't bite hard or have sharp puppy teeth.
Kingsley was so mellow & easy going. Mom said he could stay forever. I'd like that. We shared all my toys. He even found some toys I forgot we had. I miss him now that he's gone home. I guess we'll have to have more play dates before he goes to school in the spring.

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Anonymous said...

You two are almost twins! I like the brown nose! I do that frequently too; I'll lose a toy and forget where it went, like under the couch or bed, and then like months later, I'll discover it again and think it's the best thing in the world! You two look like you had a great time!There's nothing better than having a doggy friend come over to play!