Saturday, June 7, 2008

Busy week

I had a very busy week. I met some friends for a cancer survivor picnic Then we took a long drive to see my Grandpa that had some very serious surgery. I had to sit quietly in the ICU for hours. I was a very good girl. Everyone told me that when we went for a walk to stretch our legs & get a snack. Even the hospital volunteers knew my name. I was very proud and even pranced a little. We got to watch the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup. It was late at night and I was ready for bed after a long day of work at the hospital. here I am celebrating with the geese.

This is my Grandpa walking just 2 days after surgery. All this is interfering with his golf game. Got to get strong!

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Quincy said...

Hey pretty girl! Looks like you've had a busy week! I've had a busy week, too, but now I'm not a PAWS dog anymore! I'll still see you around, though, so don't get too sad :P Do a good job taking care of your grandpa. Being a healing dog (heal as in make people better, not walk nicely) is a LOT of work! Keep of the good work!