Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I'm having a great day. I went to see all the kids at Children's hospital today. I sure did get a lot of Valentines!
Then for a treat Mom let me run in the yard for a few minutes without my basket muzzle on. I still had energy after my visit with the kids. I also found out I am getting a new brother named Felix. She says I still have 5 weeks to wait. Whatever that means. I got to play with the pretend Felix till the new one comes. See me fly!


onceuponasunflower said...

What a beautiful dog!

Good luck in your training endevours. Your cause is definitely worthwhile :)

Kurt said...

that dog is so adorable! lol

moneymoneymakemoney said...

Very Very cute dog - looks like a handful! Good Luck!