Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tummy trouble

I don't know who got the idea first, but it didn't turn out well for me. Mac & I have both been caught stealing underwear & socks and chewing them up. Mom has been doing her best to keep all the dedicates locked away from puppy lips. This time something happened. Early Monday morning I had a bad feeling in my tummy. I was queasy and just before I threw up I had a terrible pain that made me scream real loud. Then I would throw up and feel a little better. But it kept happening all night long. queasy, pain and then vomit.
Mac had an appointment with the vet in the morning to get something called "fixed" Mom said I had to come along to to have my belly looked at. After Mac went to surgery I got to see the vet. They took some pictures and what did they see??
Could it be Mom's bra I ate? I wouldn't do that. Not me. They gave me some fluids and hoped it would find the way out. No luck. I have to have surgery today too. They got the piece out with no problem.
I spent the night at the vet and come home today with this thing on my head. My belly hurts and I can't get this cone off. I am not having any fun!!!Mac is real sweet and giving me smooches through the crate door. He is a little sore too.
He tried to help with the cone. couldn't figure it out either. Here is my boo boo. see why I am so sad.


Lightning said...

Oh no!!! Your poor mama!!!

Emily said...

At least it wasn't an underwire bra! That would hurt even worse! Maybe we should stick to the yummy beggin strips from now on!

Becca said...

That looks like it hurts!!!