Monday, August 31, 2009

My sore ear

Thursday night I got a very bad feeling in my ear. It itched and hurt and I couldn't get comfortable. We are supposed to go on a trip to see Grandma in the morning. I got to go to the vet first.
Dr Kayla put a plastic thing in my ears and I did not like it! I have an ear infection. I have to have drops and pills to eat. Most important no swimming or getting in the shower with Mom. A girl can't have any fun. I was supposed to go swimming in Lake Michigan this weekend.
Instead I stayed in the house and wrestled with Owen. We had a good time. I napped in grandpa's chair and snuggled with grandma. She didn't appreciate when I sat on her chest. It's hard to breathe that way. So we had a nice weekend after all. It was cold & rainy outside, but warm & dry at grandma's.

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Caper said...

Poor Aussie girl! You do what the vet tells you to honey so you can get better real soon. Ear infections are no fun for canine or human! I hope you get to feeling better soon honey. *sends you a smoochie*