Thursday, February 19, 2009

My siblings & a new visitor

HQ has sent the updates and my siblings are doing great. I'm very proud of them!
Andre is doing well. He is being introduced to push plates and retrieving a water bottle from the fridge. We continue to work on him opening doors and have also started Andre on opening a slider door! Aries tasks are progressing well. Her latest task introduced is lifting my foot back onto the foot rest of the wheelchair.
Today Halo came to visit. That also means a few days without Tresa. It's good for her to go to other houses. It is different playing with Halo. She out weighs me by 20 lbs and she's really good at the body slams! Halo got to see all my old buddies at a weight watcher meeting. Not that I'm saying she needs the info, but I know I've had to learn about portion size. A girl likes to eat

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