Saturday, November 8, 2008

A new official career

Well I passed my Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog International tests today. (like I wouldn't) It was very simple. Must have been all that good PAWS training.
Now I can go to more places to visit people. I could always go to Mom's hospital anyway. All pets are welcome. I can get an official therapy job now that I have credentials.
I'm getting bored at home when Mom & Tresa go out without me. Now we can leave her home once in a while. Hope I don't sound like a bratty big sister. it's just been an adjustment for me.


PAWS Karson said...

Congratulations Miss Aussie. I am glad you found a new career.

Love and smooches,
- Becky & Karson

Cooley said...

Congrats to you Ausser girl... Cooley knew you could do it...

He is thinking about doing it too sometime so we will be able to do some other things too.... we need to get together sometime soon and chat.