Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A 10 month old Teenager

I've finally got the idea of what Mom asks me to do.
I know all the commands. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing them. My friend Miss Jane & Ukon are back in the hospital. He's lucky he can get on the bed. Mommy says-- don't even think about it.
He did let me try on is harness. I don't think it's quite right for me.
Leah was sweet enough to draw me. It was so perfect Jane thought it was a photo.
Great job!

1 comment:

UKON said...

Thank you Miss Aussie for your visit.
I cherish seeing you and your Mommy.
You are one of my all time favorite puppies.
Ukon loves you, and you are the puppy that has not gotten the BACK OFF KID growl...He has done that to a number of puppies and scared a few...LOL
Love you always,